Increase Home Resale Value Early On

Make landscaping a priority as soon as possible.

Here is a nice tip for you to pass along.  We see a lot of homes for sale with unkempt yards. This is very tacky, to say the least.  Curb appeal is an important factor in home resale value. Landscaping the property is just as important as the appearance of the home itself. landscapingVegetation takes several years to begin to show its full potential. Trees especially should be planted as early as possible. Be cautious! Placement of vegetation is just as important as its presence. Consult or hire a local landscaper to polish off the look of the home’s exterior.

Maintain your lawn

Your lawn is just as important as the landscaping on your property. Initially, seeds or sod are options, albeit not inexpensive ones. Once your lawn is present, maintenance is important. At the very least yearly maintenance is needed, though it is highly recommended that turf fertilizer be applied throughout the year.

Upkeep Exterior Surface with Pressure Washing

Over time dirt, stains, and mold can build up on the exterior of your home, driveways included. To keep your home looking sparkling and new it is recommended that exterior surfaces be pressure washed once a year. pressure washingDo your research! Some home sidings cannot withstand pressure washing (Masonite siding is one such material).

Let the Light In

One of the most attractive features of a house is how much natural light can get in. Large, well-placed windows go a long way. Consider replacing kitchen or dining room windows with French Doors.

Preventing or Removing Eyesores

You like that wallpaper now, but ten years from now? Think over those decisions carefully. Trends fade and can very quickly look outdated. Be very careful when choosing wallpaper especially. May you want to paint that room in the future? That wallpaper will have to come down, and that is a messy, frustrating process. Popcorn ceiling? Simple to install, extremely messy to remove. When planning your home, keep in mind that you may very likely want to change things down the road. Even if you do not plan on changing your home, what if you decide to sell? Many of those features you chose because they seemed like simple solutions could very well ward off potential buyers.

Storage, Storage, Storage

You can never have enough storage. Hidden closets, large laundry rooms and pantries all provide extra storage that everyone wants. Extra shelving is always a welcome sight for home buyers.

Update the Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can come at a heavy cost, but there are more cost effective ways to upgrade. Refinishing or painting cabinets bring a fresh look to an outdated kitchen. kitchen remodel before afterAdding well-placed, well-planned out counter space is always a sound decision. Simply think of what you wish your kitchen had. Potential buyers would likely favor those changes.

Color the Correct Way

White showcases the size of the rooms quite well, but don’t be afraid to paint. Neutrals like gray help show off potential of your rooms. Colors can create a nice focal point in a room, but keep in mind that the bolder the color, the more likely a potential buyer will turn their nose up at it.

Upgrade Exterior Features

Back to curb appeal! Curb appeal is easier to create than most think. Upgrading exterior features such as doors, garage doors, and shutters go a long way to making your home look attractive.  These are just a few things that increase home resale value. If you are unsure of the style you should choose do some research. increase home resale valueDiscover what style home you have and look at examples of the architectural details of other houses of that style.

Think of it this way.  If you were buying a preexisting home, would you want to rip out 20 year old argyle wallpaper? Or remove pink counter-tops?  The best way to plan your home with resale value in mind and to increase home resale value early on is to think of what you would want in a home.